Downtown Toronto's connected Plazas - Cumberland Terrace, Hudson's Bay Centre, 33 Bloor (4k video)

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What's up guys, this is a Toronto 4k walking video checking out a couple of the downtown plazas which are connected via underground pathways.

This video starts off in the Bay Subway Station, where we exit and walk up to the surface level of Bay Street and get a view of the west Main entrance to the Cumberland Terrace. Once heading inside we take a look around the terrace main level,ahead down to the food court,vans check out the Hudson's Bay Centre which is connected via an underground walking route.

after that, we head up to the ground level of Bloor Street, enter into 33 Bloor and exit out onto Yonge Street.

Thanks for watching!

2:05 - exiting Bay Station and reaching Bay Street
2:40 - Entering Cumberland Terrace
6:10 - lower level of Cumberland Terrace
8:00 - Food Court
9:30 - modern area
13:30 - entering into Hudson's Bay Centre
15:00 - passing the Bloor Yonge Subway Station
17:05 - Food Court
19:40 - Bloor Street
21:55 - 33 Bloor Street
24:10 - Yonge Street
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